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Located in Timnath, Colorado, we specialize in portrait sessions using the Wetplate Collodion Process. If you've never heard of that, read below for more information on this historical photographic process.


Photographs used to be something special, something that you would save if there was a fire in your home. With a cellphone in every pocket, everyone has thousands of photos which can be viewed on electronic screens, but not physically held. We can help you change that.

Wetplate Collodion Process

My name is Chad Shryock and I shoot photos using the wetplate collodion process developed by Frederick Scott Archer in 1848. This process was heavily used from 1851 to the early 1880s. The two most common forms of this photographic process are tintypes and ambrotypes.  

Studio Portrait Sessions

We will work together to create a special portrait in pure silver that will last for generations. Click below for information on what to expect during your wetplate session.

Wetplate Portrait Examples

The unique look of your own tintype or ambrotype will be something passed down for generations in your family. Your image will be captured in silver on glass or tintype with the same vintage look as pictures from the mid 1800s. Click below for examples of our previous studio sessions. 

Contact us

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions about the process or if you're ready to schedule an appointment.  Please click below for the different ways you can reach us.

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