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The first question I normally get asked is "What's a Porkpie?". Well, early photographers probably had the same problem I face - I tend to set something down and forget where I put it. For these early practitioners, having your lens cap readily available was a necessity. So, the hat was not just a fashion statement but a piece of photographic equipment used as the camera's shutter. I like the look of the porkpie hat, so we named the business after it.


My interest in wetplate collodion photography started with browsing through the many Civil War books in my father's collection. I couldn't believe the level of detail captured by photographers living 150 years ago with the technology they had access to. As I quickly learned, this chemical process of capturing light creates one of the highest quality photographs that can be taken and they can last for hundreds of years.


I typically shoot wetplates using an Eastman View No. 2 wooden camera that is approximately 100 years old. This camera has the ability to shoot both 5x7 and 8x10 plates. I look forward to working with you to create a photograph that will last for generations.

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